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Are You Ready for the Divine Matchmaker

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Deborah Stelfox on The Sharon Ballantine-TV
Deborah Stelfox on The Sharon Ballantine-TV
Deborah Stelfox on The Sharon Ballantine-TV

Deborah Stelfox believes everyone should be waking up each morning in love with what they are doing and who they are with. She joins Sharon on the Sharon Ballantine Show to laugh, inspire and share her abilities in match making, numerology and being a career coach. Her gifts started early in life and she found that she was disconnected and craving a purpose in life. Her continuous requests and prayers to God and the Divine were answered when she was open to listening, which happened to be while meditating. Her experience that day led her on her Life Path in using the Law of Attraction, Numerology and her innate ability to be intuitive in becoming a divine matchmaker.

Her mission is to create unions and relationships for people that are using intuition, logistics and utilizing her biggest tool of numerology to determine if partnered matches are positive or not so positive. She used Prince Charles and Princess Diana as a good example of how numerology can reveal the inner workings of a relationship in this episode.

Deborah gives a couple of tips, tools and secrets to those who are seeking a relationship within this show but also requests coaching and mentoring of Sharon when working with her own clients. In
Deborah’s work with couples she notices one common denominator in that one of the partners may deal with low self esteem that negatively affects the relationship. She asks Sharon for some insight on how coach them both as a unit and as individuals. As well, she asks Sharon how to work with those clients that are constantly worried. Sharon’s initial response is “Worry is like a prayer for what you don’t want” and goes into some great detail on how to coach someone around their fears.

Would you like to know how your relationship fairs? You can contact Deborah through email [email protected]

Watch the show's Trailer Video below:

Watch the entire episode here:


Hope Johnson's picture

I watched the program on internet though missed the live one. As I work to improve people's mental illness in I would love to follow mentor like Deborah. As she work with another great consultant Sharon, I think it would great for those who are seeking for relationship and improve relations with others. Great tips and thanks for sharing this awesome video.

Numerology Love's picture

Wow. This is very inspirational. It's good to see other people embracing numerology like I do. I haven't seen the show yet, but I'm about to!

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