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Conscious Evolution Media Launches New Web-site

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Conscious Evolution Media Web-site
Conscious Evolution Media Web-site
Conscious Evolution Media Web-site

The long-awaited new website will be launching this weekend May 26, 2013, in conjunction with our Evolutionary Life Balance and Cable Channels. This is not just a new website, but a complete re-write of the software that powers the CEM Network. There will be some growing pains as we transition from the old site to the new and we are asking for your patience and feedback throughout the process.

Back in December of 2012 we have made a commitment to evolve and transition our Media Network to assist all human beings including ourselves to become self-evolving, able to adapt in whatever directions are necessary for future evolutionary success.

We as a network continually re-create ourselves, to assist you and ourselves to be able to change human nature at will, to repeatedly sacrifice what we are for, what we can become and to continually die and be born again. These are the reasons for the changes following:

Name Change: we have changed our name on 01/01/2013 from Real Coaching Radio-TV Network to Conscious Evolution Media. Real Coaching Radio-TV Network, Llc has become a holding company. In our ninth year of being in the media industry we have clearly outgrown the personal development industry and ready to evolve into being known as the "YouTube©" of Conscious Content. As a niche player about content such as video, audio and text all about consciousness.

Image Upgrade: Our web-site has gone through a major image upgrade and redesign with our viewers, clients and members in mind, resulting in much needed simplification, focus and navigation through out the site.

Some of the new features on the site include:

- New look and feel, including a streamlined user interface.

- Home page access to our Media - Internet-TV Channels, Internet-TV Shows, Cable-TV Channels, Cable-TV Shows and Live Broadcasts.

- Home page access to our Services - How to Be a Guest, Be a Host and Sponsor a Show.

- Home page access to Showcase - Showcasing or Guests and Featured Shows

- Home page access to our Show Trailer Videos

We are also launching our Evolutionary Life Balance TV Channel Leaders Program for practitioners, life coaches, business leaders whom in addition to being passionate and articulate about their own market leadership expertise they also strongly believe in media as one of the strongest tools to get their message out to the world.

The New Evolutionary Life Balance TV Channel Leaders Program Channels are :

- Health and Wellness Evolution
- Relationship Evolution
- Financial Evolution
- Self Evolution
- Career Evolution
- Environment Evolution
- Spiritual Evolution

Each Evolutionary Life Balance TV Channel Leader will have the opportunity to be featured in their own Evolution TV Channel, invite-place other Internet-TV Hosts within their leadership program and share in the profits generated within the program. The TV Channel Leaders will also become members of a Conscious Business Mastermind Group learning and growing together creating and modeling a conscious business.

Would you like to be considered becoming a part of the Life Balance TV Channel Leaders Program within the Conscious Evolution Media Network call Coach Steve Toth at 303-997-2664 or fill out the Contact form above.

You may experience a few technical problems as the CEM-Network site is being launched, if you have suggestions or requests for new features, please use our Contact form.

We thank you in advance for being patient throughout the process and look forward to a much improved, user-friendly, interactive website.

CEM Network Staff

Steve, you are amazing, I love it. I find it very clean and easy to read, I love the colors, and the movement is great. You have really put your all into it and it shows.- Ninon

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Janet Cook's picture

I love the site - it is easy to the eyes and very clear - not a lot of clutter to distract you. It is easy to navigate and I was able to explore all the options that were provided.

Great work!

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