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Marty Ward's picture

Dear Steve and Ninon:
Appreciated the opportunity to be with you this evening. Great fun, lots of thought provoking questions and
enjoyable interaction and interplay. Glad to have been a part of the show.

Angela Goodeve's picture

Hopefully we enlightened some people in their Conscious evolution ;) Pun Intended :-)

Peace and Love,

Ang :-)

Samantha's picture

The 'Truth' is that I had a great time tonight Steve! A conscious hour that felt like we just sat down to tea and had barely gotten started. I hope we can do it again soon. Thank you so much!

George Cappannelli's picture

Happy to participate in quality conversations in the future. Warm regards and blessings, - George

Garth's picture

I just recently met Heather and learned a whole bunch from her today that I didn't know about her work. Watching an internet television show didn't rank high on my list of things to do, but I'll be back. Thank you Ninon for letting the audience know about your guest. Too many interviewers make it about themselves, you didn't .

Angela Goodeve's picture

Just got finished watching the Premiere show on Path to Joy and Prosperity! Again, sooo much fun!! I hope everyone enjoyed it, got great value, and joins us again every week so that we can walk the Path to Joy and Prosperity together!! time I promise not to wear my "clacky" bracelet (hindsight is 20/20 eh?)

Don't forget to visit my website at: to sign up (right hand side of pagee) for your free exerts from the IAPLC book on transformation, including Key Ingredients to Spice Up Your Life and Kick Start Your Transformation!

As promised, I Favorited Suzie McNeil's song: Believe...when you are on my site click on the Youtube icon and visit my favorites to tell me what you think!

Peace on your path!
Ang :-)

Peace and Love,
Ang :-)
Angela Goodeve ~
Path to Joy and Prosperity Host ~

You can life a happier life, a more prosperous life, a more peaceful life than you can imagine!

Michelle's picture

She's given me a lot of great guidance and it's awlays inspirational to hear her speak. Love her!

Nora Whalen's picture

Thanks for much for the invitation Angela. Y'all both provided great, practical and easily implementable tips.

Lene StJohn's picture

Oh my gosh! Thank you SO much for speaking with me today and using my perfectionism as a way to remind people that when they do what I did, they momentarily lose a connection to their "wholeness"...I am honored to be an example of "imperfect perfection".

I would love to talk to YOU forever, too! :) You are amazing!

Blessings and Laughter,


Jthcoaching123's picture

Dear Steve and Ninon,
Thank you very much for having me on your show! I truly appreciate it and just hope I added some good insight and positive energy to your network and program. Positive Thoughts Always, Jason

"Manstein: The Inner Genius Within Us All" is about tapping into our 'inner genius' no matter where we go in life. Please see,, or Apple/Kindle/Google/Nook for the eBook version. Thank You, Jason Hughes

Anonymous's picture

For those struggling to write a new song, what do you suggest?

Rob Gutro's picture

Steve- Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to talk with you about what it's like to be a medium and my communications with people and pets who have passed. What a wonderful and fun conversation! - Rob Gutro

Jacqui's picture

Hello Dr. Srini- i am very happy to be able to relay this message to you. I have an immense issue with a post- divorce issue as it relates to my children. I am immensely disappointed by the counselor who is bashing my self-confidence while telling me she is helping me to get my children. The mistreatment has been lingered for three and a half years now. Please advise----oh they asked me to complete onerous requirements for years all of which I have met and exceeded and still they have yet to stop obsessing about my distant past --7 years ago.
Please advise

Jacqui's picture

I need your help because I have worked through the problems that previously hindered me but these psy-D's are yet to keep this simple and simply ok my children to have quality time with me. I must have this in order to have a state of normalcy. They insist that I take meds that is making me ill. Counselling is very effective and so is healthy positive friends who are in alignment with my destiny. Please advise as to just how I should proceed?
I'm expanding and growing but the psy-D refuses to accept my growth.

Sheilu Satyapriya's picture

i cannot see all the shows everyday. But would love to have access to the shows at my leisure and may be even revisit some of them
how do i see the list of the shows/guests and choose and see...may be save the link...i only see that day's show on the screen.
I saw Srini's show, loved the questions and the impromptu answers
would love to revisit it
guide me please

bht's picture

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