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Director Douglas Lloyd Freel on The New Health Conversation-TV Show

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The New Health Conversation-TV Cable Show
Director Douglas Lloyd Freel on The New Health Conversation-TV
Director Douglas Lloyd Freel
Director Douglas Lloyd Freel on The New Health Conversation-TV

This show has been scheduled to first air on Comcast Ch 56 on 2013-09-16 19:00

In this episode Peter Greenlaw - Author and Public Speaker and Coach Steve Toth Moderator and Executive Producer interviews Douglas Freel one of Hollywood's biggest directors about his drug addiction and Hollywood's perspective on the decline of our food supply.

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Doug Freel has enjoyed an award-winning music video directing career with the foremost production houses in the world: The Company, Propaganda Film, and most recently with Gigantic Entertainment. His work has produced era-defining imagery that remains etched in the minds of the MTV generation.

From Moscow to Tokyo he has directed literally hundreds of music videos, most of which propelled their artists to top chart positions, several dozen commercials and a handful of documentary projects. Mr. Freel has shot using every camera format imaginable for his own projects and, for numerous other directors. He is also an accomplished editor. Mr. Freel both shot and edited part of or in their entirety every project listed here.

During the height of the dot-com revolution Mr. Freel headed up the cable division of College Broadcast. This was a 400 plus college campus on-line / on air network. He presided over and produced a blend of original and aggregate programming totaling 40 hours a week airtime. While here he oversaw two animators, three full time editors, several other producers and their staff. Here, he also created the web-marketing roll-out for the company, including a dozen commercials.

After over 25 years directing rock and roll, Mr. Freel’s focus is increasingly on the long form, and telling the story behind the story, on and off stage, from The Ramones, to Hate Breed, for DVD’s, on-line streams, and Pay Per Views.

His most recent projects include the feature film Blue Balls Of Fire. Here he co-wrote, co-produced, and directed. Shot in Costa Rica, the ribald comedy is a cross between anything Monty Python, The A Team, and South Park. Nearly completed, this highly salable film could well become a back-door pilot for a TV series. Released in the summer of 2012, is the rock-doc FIX. Industrial music monsters Ministry, along with members of NIN, Korn, Tool, Motorhead, and Jane’s Addiction star in this extraordinary road-trip steeped in drugs, and ego’s. (

Freel is attached to direct several other feature film projects where he will either co-write or already holds an option on the script.

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