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The New Health Conversation-TV Show

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The New Health Conversation-TV

This show will outline in detail the most frightening health situation that mankind has ever faced in the T D O S SYNDROME™. Through shared research, I have identified the four main factors acting together to cause drastic problems in the body. We must be able to fight these four armies that are taking away our ability to live healthier longer. This is our birth rite and it is being destroyed.

The T D O S SYNDROME™ is made up of four deadly co-factors that are working in collaboration to threaten our very existence on this planet. We are in for the fight of our lives. I would encourage you to watch these shows and educate yourself on not only the problem but also the solution. There is a way to take your health back into your own hands and through a preventative approach, avoid becoming another specialized health statistic.

The T D O S SYNDROME™ is a combination of four mortal enemies to the body. They are: Toxicity, Deficiency, Overweight and Stress. Each one of these factors are deadly in their own right but now they are joining forces and their interaction is insidious and can be lethal. T D O S is playing a major role in accelerated aging as well.

Don’t believe me that the T D O S SYNDROME™ is doing significant damage? Let’s look at some statistics. Keep in mind the one consistency throughout the years is that the nutritional content of our food continues to decrease. Combine that with diets high in processed foods, fat and sugar and you have the perfect recipe for a disease state in the body. Here are some current statistics today that may shock you and I hope they do. In 1990, one in 10,000 children were born autistic. Today that number is one in 102 children. In 1990 one in 15 women got breast cancer; this year it is one in eight and in another ten years, if the current trend continues it will be one in three. One in three babies born this year in the United States will develop diabetes at some point in their life. Prior to the year 1930, heart attacks were almost unheard of. In 1930, in the United States, with a population of approximately 130 million, roughly 3,000 people died of cardiovascular disease. This year about one million people will suffer that same fate.

Currently, about two-thirds of the population in the United States is either overweight or obese. People are considered obese if they have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher, which is roughly 30 or more pounds over a healthy weight. People are extremely obese if they have a BMI, (a height-weight ratio), of 40 or higher. That's roughly 100 or more pounds overweight. In seven years, experts predict that 80% of Americans will be overweight. By the year 2030, 86% of American adults may be categorized as obese! This same study predicts by 2048, 100% of the United States population will be either overweight or obese…

Is weight becoming a national security issue? Some analysts are saying that is the case. 27% of young people enrolling into our military programs are rejected because of weight problems. Today, of the top 10 leading causes of death, obesity is a contributing risk factor to five of them. For the first time, we are spending less on food and more on health care. More children will die of obesity than starvation. This is not just a problem in America, In China the number of people who are overweight out number those who are underweight.

Still not convinced? In recent autopsies of children, 13% have shown non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 38% of obese children have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This is a disease never before seen in children. In 2012, 25% of Americans have excess fat in their livers. The numbers and statistics are staggering. Some problems have simple solutions, some don’t. If people could drop from the overweight/obese categories into a normal weight category, the liver can heal itself and return to its normal size. With only a 48-hour caloric restriction diet, the liver can reduce its fat content by 25%. That is a significant drop in fat! Following the protocol of a two day nutritional cleanse could have dramatic effects on the body!

Let me give you an even more dramatic example of the situation we find ourselves in. With everything out there invading our bodies, we have gone to extreme measures to combat viruses, bacteria, etc. As our bodies evolve to combat these creatures, these little monsters are evolving as well. Who will eventually win this battle? Think the body’s toxic burden is playing a role in this? March 5th, 2013, USA Today posted an article showing us who has the upper hand in this battle. “Health officials are raising concerns that it may soon be too late to stop super-bugs”, USA Today article by Liz Szabo and Peter Eisler. Don’t believe me? Check out the article for yourself. The story describes a “super bug” that is untreatable and potentially deadly. They are spreading through the worst place possible, hospitals. Not only are these super bugs antibiotic resistant, they are capable of spreading their resistance to other bacteria. With such a lethal combination, it only makes sense that these mini monsters prey on those suffering the most, killing half of the people they enter with pre-existing infections. The repercussions of something so deadly that also has the capability of transferring its lethal characteristics to other general bacteria could potentially mean devastating results for the general population.

One of the major problems we are facing in the field of research is a division in information. The lack of looking at these problems as a whole systematic approach is only giving us half the story. With only 10% of the world’s population, North America is responsible for consuming 50% of the world’s antibiotics. This overuse of antibiotics is only partially because of over prescribing it for sickness. 80% of these antibiotics are being used on our feed animals. We are pumping our food supply full of these drugs yet wondering why the body is becoming antibiotic resistant? What did you have for breakfast or lunch today? The age old saying, “you are what you eat”, has never been more true. If you are eating meat or drinking milk, chances are you are also sharing a heavy dose of what that animal has been injected with.

As I said earlier, who is going to win this battle, the bugs or the humans? Can we depend on the scientists to stay one step ahead of these super bugs? The same formulas of antibiotics that have been effective for so long are showing their weaknesses. Isn’t it time to look for a new solution? Maybe we need to get back to preventative care. We can’t wait until we are sick, looking for synthetic solutions, we must act now! The good news is that we have found the root of some of the problems. the T D O S SYNDROME™ is the collaboration of four co-factors, which compound each other’s effects, and accelerate the disease state in the body.

If you choose to continue watching these shows, there is a new conversation on our health and a completely new approach to these new problems we are facing. Are you ready for this new conversation? Be careful what you wish for! If you choose to apply a preventative care approach in your life, you will still experience side effects. How would you like to have less stress in your life? Would more energy be a concern? Would it be a problem if you lost that extra weight that has been nagging at you? Most importantly, how would you like to live healthier longer? Are you now curious about this new conversation?

It is important to remember that T D O S Syndrome needs to be dealt with as one complete problem. I will show you all five co-factors, but each must be treated equally. If you are unable to do so, accelerated aging will become prevalent in the body. It is my job to show you both the problem and the solution. It will become apparent why we are getting sicker at younger ages. We don’t have to live a, “less than” lifestyle. In this show, this new conversation will give you the tools to combat the health problems we are now plagued with.

Right now four of our mortal enemies (Toxicity, Overweight, Deficiency and Stress) are attacking our bodies, our health and any hope we, and our families, may have for a long, happy life. Each one is capable of killing us, but now they are joining forces and their interaction is insidious and sometimes lethal. Aging is being accelerated. We urgently need to fight back.

This show will not only help you understand these four frightening co-factors effect on our lives, but the show will also show a remarkable scientific breakthroughs and things you can do to combat the four deadly co-factors of the T D O S SYNDROME™. The good news there is great hope to defeat this mortal enemy.

Peter continues to bring facts and an important message to the public. He is the real deal by tying together factors that affect our health so that we may take a more proactive approach to our own health. He is helping change lives for the better! Peter... great interview, you are looking younger and younger. - Aileen Sherrin

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