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NinonSpeaks Media Image Internet-TV

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Featured Show
NinonSpeaks Internet-TV Show
NinonSpeaks Internet-TV Show
NinonSpeaks Internet-TV Show
NinonSpeaks Media Image 100th Episode
NinonSpeaks Media Image 100th Episode
NinonSpeaks Media Image 100th Episode

Show Description: a refreshing new way to "Get Out There on the Internet" promote yourself, your service, product and non-profit cause-without fear or force.
Ninon provides a mini media image coaching session with all of her guests on the following criteria:
- Look and sound professional
- Lighting/head-space
- Camera eye contact
- Background
- Controlling your environment
- On-camera presence
- Personality and Creating value for the viewers

About Ninon de Vere De Rosa: Prominently known throughout the world and at present in the Las Vegas area as a spokesperson, producer, Internet-TV show host, journalist, investor, and philanthropist. Drawing on a rich tapestry of experience throughout the world and from her adventures both in front of and behind the camera, Ninon delivers presentations that will captivate, entertain, and inspire audiences from all walks of life; Ninon is the host of the NinonSpeaks Media Image Internet-TV Show, co-host of the MaxedOut Money Hour Internet-TV Show, and co-host of the “The Darling Show”, all internet TV shows and she is the cast member of the Living Consciously Cable TV show; President of KidsTalk Productions; Founder KidsTalk Foundation, a global philanthropic organization. Ninon’s passion and power for interviewing people across the world is growing rapidly with Keynote Presentations | Corporate Staff Consulting | One on One Consulting, presentations that share the secrets to her success in business and entertainment.

“Joyful Volunteering” is Ninon’s latest book. Women of True Grit: Ninon is part of this amazing book, all about 40 famous women.

Ninon has over fifteen years of experience in strategic development in communications and consulting, in public, private and NGO sectors with a variety of professionals. She possesses extensive knowledge and experience as Executive Producer and Director of Internet – TV, Television, and Radio Talk shows. Ninon has had the opportunity to interview: famous, infamous, financial executives, real estate brokers, politicians, educational leaders as well as highly admired entertainers.

NinonSpeaks Media Image Coaching; Ninon will create your vision and make your image more confident and effective; taking you through the steps to clarify your message and appearance.

For a free consultation please get in touch at:

NinonSpeaks Media Image Show Page

“Nothing Happens Without You!" - Ninon

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