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Silver Internet-TV Hosting-30

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SKU: cemitvh-002

Internet-TV Show Silver Hosting Package includes; Internet-TV Technology Hosting Platform, Internet-TV Host Training, Audio, Video and Blog Content Based Marketing of your Internet-TV show including How to Monetize Your Show.

Services Included in the Monthly Subscription Fee:

  1. Using professional network equipment, High Capacity Servers, Internet High Speed Connectivity and Complete Live Support, broadcasting from our virtual Denver - Internet-TV studio. You can host your show from your computer, achieving the same video and sound quality as if you were physically in our studio. (video and sound quality will depend on the quality of your Cam, Mic, computer CPU Speed, Computer Memory available and Internet Upload Speed)
  2. A dedicated Internet-TV show page, archiving, podcast, commercials, ads, promos/exits, and anything else required to fully integrate you into our network. (a dedicated Branded TV Show Website is available with your own show URL to save money, control your own content, act fast we provide the template see an example here)
  3. Minimum 90 day commitment, after that Subscribe month-to-month cancel any time.
  4. Audio Archives and Podcasts are co-owned between CEM and Real Coaching Radio-TV Network and the Host.
  5. Programs are 30 minutes long.
  6. All Advertising revenue you generate from your show, dedicated Internet-TV show page, product or service sales, commercials, promos, affiliate program etc., is yours to keep except a 15% fee if you are using CEM's eCommerce system.
  7. Live Internet-TV Show Marketing and Branding: Syndication of your show live Google+ Hangouts, YouTube, Stitcher Smart Radio, 18 Podcast Networks including iTunes (selection of the syndication channels are at the discretion of CEM)
  8. Audio and Internet-TV Show Marketing and Branding: Edit, create and publish Internet-TV show to 18 Podcast Networks including iTunes.
  9. Blog Internet-TV Show Marketing and Branding: Create an up to 400 word summary of Internet-TV show (written by Host) including embedding a 5 minute Video Show Trailer and a link to the 30 minute video program.
  10. Video Internet-TV Show Social New Media Marketing and Branding: an up to 5 minute Show Trailer Video made from each Internet-TV Show program and marketed as follows: -Create, manage and set-up your main profile on up to 4 social sites, including; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+
  • Activate and verify your accounts
  • Enter your existing accounts into our system, or create new accounts
  • Expand your profile with an image or photo, and other personal or business details provided by you

Submission Manager: blends all the important elements of Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing and modern search engine optimization techniques, to ‘broadcast’ your business locally, nationally and globally. We will ‘get your marketing messages out there’ in front of your ‘potential’ customers.

  • Create for each submission; Submission Title, Description, Up to 20 Tags for each content submission. Track monthly progress by providing access to our On-Line Project Management System where you can monitor your account progress
  • Provide Viewer Stats for YouTube and Podcasts

*All sales are final no refunds

Optional Services:

  1. Personalized Internet TV Web-site design services on the Drupal CMS platform to meet your specific needs for a dedicated Branded Internet-TV Show Website is available with your own show URL "Do It Yourself" (DIY) to save money, control your own content. We provide the template see an example here.
  2. Personalized Conscious Web-site or Blog design on the Joomla, Drupal or WordPress platform to meet your specific needs
  3. Web-site hosting services
  4. Live web-casting & pay-per-view events
  5. One on one professional coaching and courses from a veteran talk show and Internet TV host
  6. Additional Virtual Assistant services to expand your content distribution

*Note: After payment completion you will be required to sign this order electronically and also sign a Photo-Footage Release

List price: $250.00
Price: $250.00

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