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being awake

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Melanie Bragg on Living Consciously-TV

Living Consciously-TV and Human Behavior Coach-TV

Melanie Bragg on Living Consciously-TV and Human Behavior Coach-TV

Melanie Bragg will be on Living Consciously-TV Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 at 5 PM Mountain, 4 PM Pacific and 7 PM Eastern. Show Theme: How to Jump Start Your Author Career?, go here to watch the live show:

Comments from Viewers:
08/05 17:18 Guest Hellen
With so many sequels and series, did you write Crosstown Park as a single book or did you have a sequel in mind from the beginning?

Tore Kesicki on Living Consciously-TV

Living Consciously-TV

Tore Kesicki

What is Quantum Quest? - Quantum Quest is a life changing system based on the science of quantum mechanics. Imagine watching a movie then YOU step into that movie and YOU become the star. Quantum Quest is based on the real science of string theory and quantum entanglement, which is the study of our material reality and its relationship to alternate dimensions.
What does this mean?

Wendy Baudin

Living Consciously Cable-TV

Wendy Baudin

Since 2008, Wendy has influenced hundreds of women around the world to step into more fulfilled careers, leave toxic relationships, and commit to taking steps to make their boldest dreams real. Others have committed to natural healing, exercise, and better nutritional choices to lend powerful fuel to their newly energized and vibrant lives. Whether clients engage with Wendy through one-on-one private coaching, VIP retreats, group coaching, or make use of her inspiring and life-changing information products, the ideal outcome for every client is to feel better now and forever.

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